Mushroom For the Kitchen

Here is a plastic canvas mushroom to make magnets or coasters or even if you want lapel pins.
It is 27 by 2 3 holes and is in taupe/mushroom, and warm brown/chocolate worsted yarns.mushroom1backofmushroom

You can count the holes and trim out the stem and the top’s shape to create the base for the mushroom. You use a darning tapestry needle and worsted yarn to slant stitch each hole in the canvas.

aaaaa||||||||||| <<< Here I have done a mushroom shape also with the pipe key. top row about15, center twp
about 25 and the bottom two about 11 holes in breadth., for example. This is quick and easy for making a bunch of coasters, or refrigerator magnets. Magnets can be found in craft markets or on the back of the phone book, probably, just cut a 1 inch cube or circle with regular scissor and attach with glue. Coasters are finished after you tie off the yarn and pins can be craft/jewelry pins or just a safety pin, choose your favorite size.


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