String Crochet Red and White Top W/Green

Materials Needed:

Size 10 Crochet Thread

3 balls white red, white and green variegated

1 ball red

Crochet Hook size US H


Single Crochet throughout

String is held double.

Chain 69, sc in second chain from hook for a total of 68 sc with the red, white and green variegated thread held double. Work for 40 rows –

about 8 inches

, increase 3 sc on each side. 74 sc. Work 8 mor rows (about 3 inches) – 74 sc. Change to red sring at either side, holding red string double, crochet 13 rows or about 3 inches in sc before dividing the string and creating neck bind off.

Counting about 18 stitches in center from 74 sc leaves 56 stitches, so each shoulder side piece (in red thread held double) is 28 stitches. Working on one side at a time, keep binding off at neck one stitch every other row until only 24 sc stitches remain, about 2 inches. Bind off for armholes at this point, 2 stitches every other row. Work on 20 sc until shoulder area measures about 7 inches from armhole bind off and red area measures about 12 ½ inches.

For sleeves chain 39 with variegated string held double, turn and work 1 sc in second chain from hook – 38 sc. Work 38 sc for 10 rows or about 2 inches, decrease to 32 sc and work for one inch or 6 rows. At this point increase 4 stitches every one inch or 5 or 6 rows until there are 60 sc across. 7 times (60-32=28/4=7) 2 in + 1 inch + 7 x 1 inch = 10 inches and 60 sc. Work on 60 sc for 8 more inches – 18 inches and 60 sc.

Increase 2 stitches on each edge, work 4 more inches sc in variegated string, 22 inches. 64 sc

Cap: beginning binding off by sc two together on each side edge of sleeve twice, do this every other row until you have 20 sc, 11 times, about 2 -1/2 inches. Work 20 sc about three rows before ending and tying off.

Back is worked entirely in variegated string, chain 69 as in the front, sc in second chain from hook for 68 sc across, with the redwhitegreen string held double. Work just like front increasing to 74 sc except after about 4 inches. Work 9 more inches and bind off for armholes, by sc two together twice every other row at arm’s edge on each side of back. 66 sc. Work 5 more inches before binding off for back neck, bind off 24 stitches, by skipping center 24 stitches and attaching string to each half of back neck that lead to the shoulder on each side. 66 -24 = 42 or 21 on each shoulder. Work 21 sc a couple of times on first shoulder then sc 2 together to bring sc count to 20 sc at back neck edge, let the should measure 2 inches more from beginning of neck bind off. After last sc tie off and repeat for second shoulder.


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