Peas and Green Beans and Jews

Food combinations are not so passe’. For diets, for religion, for body building, list after list of (don’t forget vegans) of what to eat with what have evolved.

How about a child who vomits their vegetables and other strong foods?  It says wait until the child is older. But I was that child and as I am thinking about it I think you could simply match carefully the vegetable to the meat. Peas and corn and lima beans are hard to eat (I remember), but, might work with hot dogs or hamburgers -versus chicken or pork. Onions and other slime are extremely unpleasant to see swimming in food or peeking from it. Only do these uncooked, maybe with dip, Zuchhini and Onion with a favorite dip. :]❦;

Salad with Raw Onions

  Colainder of Peas

Poultry is for green beans or baked beans, in my opinion.

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