Gingerbread Men

Away and Afar


Teff Recipes, Teff Grain Recipes, Teff Recipe



See these African breads and brownies. Also links for Bob Red Mill Whole Grain Grains and Barry Farms Whole mill grains, which offer good quality nutrition with affordable price tags



Teff Recipes, Teff Grain Recipes, Teff Recipe.

Something Green for Spring — Also Purple

Fresh flowers.

From the new spring growth in the yard.

My crocodile was removed, so, I am contributing a vase of violets. My vase is a 7-8 oz. Styrofoam cup and looks pretty as can be. This is under geography since it is from zone 3 in  the gardener’s catalog and violets, jonquils and tulips grow easily here along with roses and berries such as raspberry, gooseberry, huckleberry (sounds like Missippi) or blackberry. I do not have much of a green thumb, so this is a good sign these grow hearty here.