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Drink and Lose?

The cocktail Diet, I hope this is rated G, I don’t see why not, it isn’t too much as you will be careful. Liquor, being about 100 calories whether it’s a jigger, a cooler with low sugar, or, lite beer, is the mainstay of the diet.

You snack on a drink 5 times a day, one every three hours. That is 100 calories to 120 each using sugar less mixtures and combinations totalling 500-600 calories and very few carbohydrate grams. You take a full spectrum multi-vitamin and any of your other favorite other supplement, saw palmetto for prostrate or  breast enhancement, extra E for heart and skin and C for cold season that you want to take.

Breakfast, at mid morning or lunch, consists of an omelet with 4 egg whites, 2 egg yolks and seasonings plus 3/4 oz of processed cheese singles (one individually wrapped slice) prepared in a teflon coated pan that has been lightly  buttered with a spray on non-stick coating that contains no flour or with margarine from a stick of margarine. Lemon tea, coffee, kool-aid or such with no sugar are the beverage.

5 drinks 550

Omelet with cheese 230

Total calories 780-825.

Free foods are tomatoes up to two large, coffee-black with sugar substitute, seasonings under 20 calories tb,, Worcestershire, Mrs. Dash, salt.

8 am drink

10:30am the tomatoes seasoned?? if desired, other beverage like coffee with or instead of

11 am to 12 noon drink

12:30–2 pm The Omelet

3-4 pm drink

7-8pm drink

11pm drink

You can add a chunk of white meat chicken breast at night if hunger is an issue. 3 oz. x 35 calories = 105 more calories and reduce the drinks to four omitting one of them.

Here is a link to some cocktail choices. Drinks here and above refer to one jigger as a base.

Some cute jigger measures hereImage.

Here is a creative commons shot of a well-stocked liquor pantry, some cocktail glassware and so on. Make it pretty while you are at it.