Yearblook-A Blog Vote Site

Yearblook is an interesting blog reference point, with many intelligent writers and collectors of blogs. The monthly prize money is a dandy incentive, although, some persons may prefer not to accept the prize, due to penalties on income tax or their state benefits that they are not aware of. A notation added about forfeiting your prize if you win should probably be added into the description, for these people. The categories are fresh and current and youthful and enjoyable to read. My image from the Life of Jeremy Blog(who has some mighty interesting views on the difficulty of blogging), I think is a good attribute to they type of views you will find on Yearblook.

Yearblook plans on publishing a book every year including the best of Yearblook for the previous year, maybe (probably) a five and ten year anniversary issue would also be nice. There are so many interesting titles, it would be convenient to include an index with alphabetical listings, I like the cloud tags alphabetically arranged and doing the same for the Blog titles, and the author of the blogs would be great, although in an index instead of a cloud. Anyone may like a section devoted on blogging better, as well as qualities in a blog worthy of your vote.